1. Mata Hari

  2. Organ Works (Volume IV)

  3. Clues & Sublimation

  4. Liturgical Music

  5. Piano Music

  6. Heartbreakers

  7. Organ Improvisations (Sampler)

  8. Keyboard Improvisations (Sampler)

  9. Rock Music

  10. Star-Crossed: Songs without Words for Piano

  11. Studies, Demos, & More Mystery Music: Electronic Music (Volume VII)

  12. Mystery Music IV

  13. Mystery Music

  14. Organ Works (Volume III)

  15. Organ Works (Volume II)

  16. Organ Works (2022 Reissued Version)

  17. Three Analog Dances, Night Shift, & Other Works: Electronic Music (Volume VI)

  18. Games of Chance, Medusa, Analog, and Other Works: Electronic Music (Volume V)

  19. Electronic Music (Volume IV)

  20. Electronic Music (Volume III) (2022 Reissued Version)

  21. Electronic Music (Volume II) (2022 Reissued Version)

  22. Electronic Music (2022 Reissue)

  23. A Blanket of Stars and Other Works

  24. Frankenstein, The Monster, The House of Ghosts: Film Scores by Michael Calabris

  25. Electronic Music Film Scores (Volume III)

  26. Electronic Music Film Scores (Volume II)

  27. Electronic Music Film Scores (Volume I)

  28. Keyboard Improvisations (Volume VIII)

  29. Keyboard Improvisations (Volume VII)

  30. Keyboard Improvisations (Volume VI)

  31. Keyboard Improvisations (Volume V) (Remastered)

  32. Keyboard Improvisations (Volume IV) (Remastered and Expanded)

  33. Keyboard Improvisations (Volume III) (Remastered)

  34. Keyboard Improvisations (Volume II) (Remastered)

  35. Keyboard Improvisations (Volume I) (Remastered)

  36. Organ Improvisations (Volume XII)

  37. Organ Improvisations (Volume XI)

  38. Organ Improvisations (Volume X) (Remastered)

  39. Organ Improvisations (Volume IX) (Remastered)

  40. Organ Improvisations (Volume VIII) (Remastered)

  41. Organ Improvisations (Volume VII) (Remastered)

  42. Organ Improvisations (Volume VI) (Remastered)

  43. Organ Improvisations (Volume V) (Remastered)

  44. Organ Improvisations (Volume IV) (Remastered)

  45. Organ Improvisations (Volume III) (Remastered)

  46. Organ Improvisations (Volume II) (Remastered)

  47. Organ Improvisations (Volume I) (Remastered)


Michael Calabris Massillon, Ohio

Michael is a Northeast Ohio-based composer.

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